Temple Run 2
Sequel to the hit Temple Run, better graphics and more racers available
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Run, run and run for your life. One of the premises that most attracts users when looking for fun games and applications to entertain themselves on their mobile devices. Many are the proposals that have succeeded with this formula. What does it consist of? In repeating an objective over and over again to score the most points. And our mission is none other than to run, escaping dangerous threats. Among the outstanding titles with this mechanic we find Subway Surfers, Super Mario Run and Temple Run. The latter registered almost 200 million downloads and its developers, the American company Imangi Studios, decided to produce a second installment that we are going to talk about in this article.

Temple Run 2 is the sequel to the original hit in which we have to run and escape through dangerous scenarios to get our treasure. Like its predecessor, it is a free game available for Android or iOS operating systems. The game's proposal adds elements regarding the delivery that anticipates it, but our mission is the same.
Downloading Temple Run 2 will immerse us, once again, in dangerous maps in which we will have to survive the monster that is chasing us. The levels that we will cross have caves, hanging bridges, mines, mountains, forests and cliffs in which we will have to demonstrate our skill not to fall into the void and thus lose the game.
One of the advantages of Temple Run 2 is that like its previous installment, the system of controls and movements that works smoothly is maintained. Our character will run automatically and we as users just have to slide our finger across the touch screen to where we want it to move to jump, accelerate, slow down or move left or right. Learning to play is very simple and the movement system is exclusively optimized for touch screens of mobile phones or tablets.

Among the novelties and differences that the sequel released in 2013 has, we can find an important advance in terms of graphics. All the overall design finishes have been significantly improved. Both the characters, the monsters that chase us and especially the settings, are seen better and with high definition. Even the obstacles that we must overcome are well integrated into the scenario through which we find ourselves running.
In turn, we will have different protagonists to choose as the main character to which we can add all kinds of cosmetic elements and buy skill upgrades to achieve a higher score. The available racers are Scarlett Fox, Karma Lee and Barry Bones. And the skills that can be applied to them are related to the speed with which they move or the duration of the shields to protect themselves from the threats that the levels present.
Playing Temple Run 2 guarantees hours and hours of fun. Although the statement seems exaggerated if we think that the game is only about running and nothing else. The reality is that the application awaits us day by day with new challenges, achievements to unlock and levels that change randomly to present us with new and complex challenges.

If you want us to leave you some advice to win Temple Run 2, we can tell you that the key to Imangi Studios' proposal is to be patient. As you play more and more games you will get to know better the maps and the movements you have to make to survive on them. Focus on the obstacle you have to overcome first but keep an eye out for what will come next. If you do that, maybe you can already make a movement that leaves you positioned in the best way regarding what is to come.
With a delivery that maintains the good of its predecessor and expands its world with more content and a notable graphical improvement, Temple Run 2 is one of the best options for users who enjoy games on their mobile phones. Imangi Studios manages to combine the simplicity and freshness that these apps need with the dose of difficulty and challenges that people need in order not to get bored. You will spend hours and hours trying to escape, run and jump between these challenging scenarios.

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Imangi Studios
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- Free download

- Very entertaining

- Good mechanics in the movements

- Environments and obstacles
- It can get very difficult at times

- Presence of advertisements

- Some stages are very expensive to buy

- It may present problems in its operation
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Temple Run 2

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