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Apps and games have made it possible to transfer the passion of sports, music, art, literature, writing and all kinds of hobbies from real life to mobile devices. Now you can have at your fingertips and with a few taps everything you want in relation to your favorite hobby. No matter what it is, there will always be a free app or game available for you to enjoy what you love to do.

Skateboarding is one of the hobbies of a large number of people. The activity arose in the United States in the mid-70s and is derived from another sport with a board that is surfing. The goal of those who created skateboarding was to transfer their passion on the board, from water to land. A large number of products, films, video games, international competitions and a whole universe that is one of the most important in the world emerged from this discipline. Starting in 2020, skateboarding will be part of the Olympic Games, the most important sporting event in the world.
If you are looking for the best free skateboarding games, today we will bring you one that you definitely have to have on your list to install on your mobile phone. We refer to Skate Art 3D, the game developed by ZPLAY Games. The studio is one of the most important in app development and has hits such as Sharpen Blades with more than 36 million downloads in a single month, Will Hero who was voted one of the most popular titles on Google Play in 2018 and Rusty Blower 3D, app that ranked first in the download rankings of 17 countries including the United States. In addition, in the virtual stores of Android and iOS they offer: Lip Art 3D, Idle Digging Tycoon and Gang Blast, among others.

If you are a fan of skateboarding, you cannot miss the opportunity to download Skate Art 3D for free. It is the perfect proposal for all those who enjoy this sport on boards. And it is precisely the tables that are the protagonists of the ZPLAY Games delivery.
By playing Skate Art 3D you will have the possibility to apply all your creativity, ideas and personal touch to the creation of skates. You will start from the beginning, with the virgin wood, until the end. You will go through the whole process step by step until you provide the product to your client.

The first thing you will have in front of you is the wood with which you will create the table. Press on the screen to crop it. Then you glue and cut the rubber where the feet will go. The next step will be to add the wheels and finally you have to work on the decoration. Each of these elements will be evaluated towards the end of the game to award you one to three stars. As you progress, you will receive more and more tools to be able to give different shapes to your inventions. Each client will have different demands.
The more skates you deliver, the more you level up. As you advance in the games, the demands of the clients will be more complex to meet and you will have to be finer with your movements when assembling and more creative when painting or applying designs. The possibilities that Skate Art 3D grants are really many and you will have many hours of entertainment guaranteed. The application developed by ZPLAY Games is remarkable since it combines elements that invite you to be creative but at the same time to demonstrate your skills when assembling the wheels with your piece.

The universe of skateboarding is vast. It has a large legion of followers and it is well deserved as it is an unpredictable, entertaining and adrenaline-filled discipline. The possibilities that ZPLAY Games brings with Skate Art 3D are many and this will be satisfying for all fans. If you have not yet approached the world of skateboarding, do not miss the opportunity to do so with this great free app. You can enhance all your creative qualities and carry out unique designs. Create that table you've always dreamed of or discover your gift to make your customers happy.
Skate Art 3D joins the list of great games in this sport with so many followers.

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Skate Art 3D

Get last review 05.12.2020
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- Ideal for skateboarding fans

- Free download

- Variety of designs

- Combination of styles
- Graphics that could be better

- The purpose of the game is not clear

- It becomes repetitive

- General performance problems

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