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Have you ever imagined that you were flying through the air flying your own plane? Flying is one of the most frequent dreams for many people, from childhood there are millions of children that if you ask them what they want to be when they grow up they will answer you without any doubt that they are airplane pilots. Conquering the sky and seeing the world at your feet is one of the most vertiginous sensations in the world, feeling free like a bird.

The truth is, that as a dream, with the passage of time the magic is lost and only those who really love to live among the clouds become aviators. To achieve this, they have had to pass very tough tests in simulators that ensure that when they get in front of the controls they have everything under control. It is true that with the advancement of technology this has evolved to the point that they will not need to endanger their lives or that of their travelers. Now you too can feel the adrenaline rush and feel like a real pilot with all the simulators that exist as games and mobile applications.

Among all the ones you can find there is one that undoubtedly offers the best results, making you live an experience very close to life itself. It's RFS - Real Flight Simulator, the simulator with which you will fly around the world without leaving your living room and with 3D graphics that will make you enjoy the trip. Download RFS - Real Flight Simulator, you find it available for Android and iOS.

Live this unique experience, you are the one who decides where you will fly today with your own plane. One of the advantages of RFS - Real Flight Simulator is the high definition it uses for its graphics, taking care of every last detail of each of its locations. The airports that you will visit, the landscapes that you will explore and all the buildings that you will see are recreated with satellite maps, so it is very close to reality.

Playing RFS - Real Flight Simulator will make you fly in real time, meet other teammates and join them in multiplayer games. In this flight simulator you can play alone or in the company of the millions of users that are spread all over the world.

But you will not only be in command of the controls, you will also have to manage flight plans, interact with controllers and all the tasks that a true aviator has. Every time you carry out a task, you will get a point to level up and in this way you will gain access to certain content that you will unlock as you progress. For example, you can expand your collection of airplanes, acquiring the thousands of designs created by the community itself and customizing your own so that others can also fly them.

With the game RFS - Real Flight Simulator you will create the best airline in the world. You will have to take care of every last detail of your flights, managing all the planes you have and providing your clients with the best routes for their trips to the main airports in the world.

Each activity you carry out will make you earn money with which to continue investing in your company, but don't panic, the challenges that this simulator proposes you can overcome with the control of its controls, so don't hesitate to keep practicing to make perfect landings , complete takeoffs or dodge some turbulence. You will also increase your earnings with each new route that you create and that you conquer.

A good aviator never stops learning, this game has hundreds of licenses available for you to keep improving your flying skills. With them you will know in depth all the controls of the different planes that you have in your fleet and so that you can deal with emergency situations, such as a failure in the plane or unfavorable atmospheric conditions. The more you learn and the better your piloting, the more you earn for the airline.

Put your skills to the test with this simulator in the most critical situations you may encounter. You will have to do your best to manage these adverse conditions and emerge victorious from them. RFS - Real Flight Simulator presents you with a series of problems based on real life, solve these complications and become the best pilot. This game includes 36 missions that you must complete with 168 different challenges and with more than 5,000 possible situations to achieve the level of experienced pilot.

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RFS - Real Flight Simulator

Get last review 05.12.2020
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- Very real graphics.

- Flights in real time.

- Multiplayer mode.

- Constant updates.
- Many of your options are paid.

- There are not so many variety of planes.

- The environment while flying can be improved.

- There are aspects that are not realistic.

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