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Online trivia games are one of the most popular and preferred formats for users. Measuring our knowledge, checking the level of general culture that we handle, is something that many of us like, enjoy and entertain us. There is a wide variety of offers of free apps and games that are oriented to this type of proposal and today we are going to describe one of the most original, entertaining and genuine that we can download on our mobile terminals.

Lion Studios is one of the most original firms in the universe of companies that develop video games. They not only produce their own proposals but also collaborate with other creators to take them to the top of the download and sales positions. Such is the case of Mr. Bullet, Ink Inc. or Happy Glass for example. If we review their original productions we can find hits like Draw Duel, Pull Him Out, Fuit Clinic, Clue Hunter and Yes That Dress.

All your proposals are deliveries that challenge our abilities, knowledge and skills. Among its productions is Paper’s Grade, Please !, one of the great games for Android and iOS. The program is free to download and offers integrated purchases within the platform.
Why should you check out Paper’s Grade, Please? The Lion Studios title is a delivery that will invite you to immerse yourself in a question and answer challenge. But contrary to what usually happens in these types of products, here your role is to judge whether the answer is correct or not.
You will play the role of the teacher of a school course and you will have the mission of judging whether the answers that the nice students give you are correct or incorrect. You should mark them with an A or an F depending on what you think is right or wrong. The subjects and topics that you will tackle are very varied and range from geography, to mathematics, logic problems, language, history, true or false or even small games of skill in which you will have to actively intervene. At the end of the rounds, it will be evaluated if your corrections to the answers of the young people were correct.

Among the advantages of Paper’s Grade, Please! It is possible to highlight that it is an application that has a lot of content. You will have a wide variety of questions available to decipher and test your knowledge. There is no age limit for those who can find fun in this installment since it is a game suitable for the whole family regardless of age or level of knowledge. The app will adjust to your level.
Not only will you have to solve the riddles and puzzles presented by the new Lion Studios creation, but you will also have to relive the routines of educational establishments. This means that you will have to take care of your students, keep the school in order, take care that they do not fight during recess and all the tasks that are experienced in the day to day in schools. Go back to your childhood for a while playing Paper's Grade, Please !.
Do not lose patience when playing and take advantage of the questions, topics and subjects where you feel safest. If you know that you have more or less knowledge about a subject, use it to your advantage. This tip will help you get more prizes, bonuses and points. These types of games are good proposals to have fun, learn and gain more knowledge. Not only will you be entertained but it will also stimulate you to have more knowledge about general cultural topics.

The graphic section is correct and fulfills the function of accompanying the environment of educational establishments. Not only the classrooms and interior spaces but also the exterior ones.
Lios Studios brings us closer with Paper’s Grade, Please! a very funny installment that will help us remember the beautiful moments of childhood. We will return to school and will be challenged to correct questions or demonstrate our skills in complex puzzles. Enjoy this game for free and if you want to extend the experience, make purchases within the app.
Put yourself in the shoes of your teacher and have great moments with your students. Challenge your family and friends to see who knows more and who has more knowledge about geography, physics, history or language.

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Paper’s Grade, Please!

Get last review 05.12.2020
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- Original proposal

- Free download

- Good graphics

- Lots of content
- Presence of ads

- Some connection failures

- Some questions are very easy

- Graphics failures.

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