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Join each color point to complete their levels
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If there is a puzzle game that is capable of getting the best out of your brain, it is Flow Free, with which you can spend long hours of the day with its fun puzzle. It always goes from less to more, and if you think you have mastered it, nothing to see, when you least expect it it will get difficult.

The first thing you may think when watching Flow Free is that it is too simple and you do not understand how it has millions of people playing every day. In this simplicity lies its greatest virtue, it does not need elaborate designs, or very elaborate stories, you only need a grid and colored balls.

This is the application, what you will have to do is join the colored balls of the same color by filling in all the boxes, without leaving any free space. It seems simple but it is not, you will see, and as you progress through its levels you will see how it becomes increasingly difficult to get the entire grid to color.

Created by Big Duck Games, it is a real challenge for your mind. With more than 2500 different screens, created in detail, you will see for yourself how no two are alike and in all of them you will find new challenges. To get new levels it is as simple as continuing to beat the ones you already have available. Download Flow Free for free, you find it available for Android and iOS.

The mechanics with which you will have to achieve your goal is to build pipes of the corresponding color that connect different points, the complication is that we cannot cross or overlap two pipes. To complete each of the screens we will have to connect each and every one of its points. Although it does not have a predetermined timer to finish the different grids, but you can always choose to add one to challenge yourself and your times, you will achieve that with its timer mode, which will put our reflexes and mental agility to the test.

One of the advantages of Flow Free is the versatility given to it by its developers, which makes each of the levels different and makes the experience totally new every time. It also allows people who do not distinguish colors well to play. Within the game's own settings, you will have the option to change the points for letters, further expanding the range of possibilities.

You can always find help from other users when you find yourself in a complicated level, but don't worry, even if you think it's impossible, all levels have a solution, you just have to be patient. There is the so-called perfect play, which is to unite the entire board with a single stroke for each pair of colored balls. Within each level you will also find the possibility of using three free tracks, if you need more you will have to buy them at a price of 5 tracks for € 0.89 or 20 for € 2.69. Although it is a completely free game, inside you will find a series of accessories that will have a real cost but that will not prevent you from continuing to play with total freedom if you do not want to buy them.

It also has a paid version called Pro of Flow Free, with a price of € 0.89, in which you will find a series of functions that you do not have in its free version, such as unpublished levels, connection bridges, etc.

In the game mode by time, timer, you can choose the size of the board and the time in which you want to do it. In this way, you will decide the design of each of the screens and compete with yourself. Dare to get your own challenges and be the best.

The way to play is also very easy, we will have the controls on the screen itself, we just have to move with our own fingers to connect the dots. It can be played offline, which gives you freedom to use it anytime, anywhere. Download Flow Free and start joining colored dots.

It is a very visual and fun game that will make you spend many hours in front of the screen. Its colorful design is accompanied by fun sounds that will achieve a complete experience with this title, ideal to spend an entire afternoon.

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Category : Games
Desarrollador : Big Duck Games LLC
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- It can be played without an internet connection.

- You can customize it as you want.

- People with visual problems can also use it.

- It doesn't have a timer.
- The tracks have a cost.

- The levels are limited and repetitive.

- You have to pay for some levels.

- Personalization is very limited.
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Flow Free

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