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 Explore Hope Country and fight The Twins to free him 
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Far Cry New Dawn is an open world first person shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal. It appears to be another part of the Far Cry series, however it is a spin-off that takes place 17 years after the events of Far Cry 5 in the apocalyptic world of Hope Country, Montana, but Ubisoft charges around € 40 instead. € 60, making the actual game more like a Far Cry 5 expansion. Anyway, even if it's not a full-value game, it's a main sequel to Far Cry 5. From the first game published in 2004, New Dawn is distributed on the most common platforms, except Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

New Dawn is a sequel, but the map is almost the same, all Ubisoft did was a redesign to match the story and theme of the game. About the game mechanics, it's almost the same as what we know from the prequels, you can upgrade your weapons and weapons, earn profit points to upgrade your characters and added double jump, which is a bit strange, but why not. Unfortunately, since 17 years have passed, Boomer, the dog from Far Cry 5, is dead, but now you can have Timber, who is also a dog, and Horacio, the giant killing hole, who can make your game even more destructive by ramming enemies. .

Good stealth and knife kills aren't lost, too, and by surprise, there are enemies wielding shields, but once you upgrade your weapons enough, they won't pose any more difficulties. AI isn't bad, enemies and their powers evolve throughout the game, but that's something we've been used to since the prequels. Completing the story should take around 11 hours, however the game offers endless hours of gameplay due to side quests and side quests as well as liberating and conquering outposts. And, New Dawn offers a CO-OP multiplayer mode, so your game could be even more fun, unfortunately only for two players.

The game takes place 17 years after the events of Far Cry 5, in which Joseph Seed technically foresaw World War III, as happened later. A nuclear bomb was dropped on Hope Country and the entire population hid in underground shelters. Initially, along with Far Cry 5 main villain Joseph Seed, two new villains take place, known as The Twins, who killed their own father to become supreme leaders of their clan called The Highwaymen. Now, they are something like the queens of The Hope Country, because everyone is afraid of them. And you fight, trying to bring life and prosperity back to Hope Country.

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Far Cry New Dawn

Get last review 22.06.2021
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- The saw launcher is fun

- Crafting and improving mechanics

- Open world
- A slight downgrade of Far Cry 5

- The story is a bit shorter than usual

Latest NEWS

You can now dress up as Sam Fisher in Far Cry New Dawn

You can now dress up as Sam Fisher in Far Cry New Dawn


Following Ubisoft's latest trend of bringing together different franchises, the time has come for these two sagas. In this Easter eggs you'll be able to dress up as Splinter's main character, Sam Fisher, in one of the Far Cry New Dawn missions. It is a tribute that occurs in one of the expeditions where you will have to find the content to unlock it

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