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 Destroy buildings of all kinds in this great installment of Voodoo 
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It is not easy to recognize what a game or application has to have to become a success. Although there is always a tendency to look for the product to have state-of-the-art graphics, stories that attract the public and friendly characters that make users fall in love, many times it happens that unexpected events appear in the market. These free games become very popular and can be downloaded by a large number of players.

Among the variety of firms specializing in mobile games there is a video game development studio that stands out for producing quality, simple, original, entertaining and authentic deliveries. We mean Voodoo.
Voodo is a group of specialists in technology, programming and design of apps and games that orients its production to develop its own products and to advise the launch of third-party creations. To date, they exceed 100 games released, have almost 4 million downloads and an outstanding number of active users per month of 300 million.

Demolish is a proposal from this firm that stands out for having in its catalog a large number and variety of programs that have achieved success in the universe of mobile games. Before describing the details about this product, let's review a little the successes in the market that Voodoo had and some of its titles available for download on Android and iOS. With more than 500 thousand downloads, its most popular proposal is Helix Jump, then we find Crowd City with almost 225 thousand downloads, Color Road with 129 thousand, with 223 thousand and Balls vs Blocks with 226 thousand.
All Voodoo games are characterized by being free, simple, and highly entertaining. You have guaranteed hours of fun. And the app that we will talk about today is no exception since you can download Demolish for free.

There is a possibility that when you play Demolish for the first time you will find it something simple or meaningless. But the program has a component that makes it very difficult to stop playing it and until it becomes, at times, relaxing. You'll calm your nerves by spending time on this new Voodoo hit.
The objective of the program is to demolish buildings, as its title indicates. You will find yourself in command of a small crane that has four different types of attacks to bring down the gigantic buildings. Your mission will be to control the strength and aim well to be able to demolish the buildings with the least amount of blows and throws possible. This will make you get more points.
One of the advantages of Demolish is the good development of its graphic section. Each level presents different types of constructions with different architectural characteristics. There are modern, traditional, medieval buildings, giant airport towers, factory areas and much more. Depending on the form of the construction, you should think about how to throw your attacks to destroy it.
As advice to play Demolish, the first thing we can recommend is that you take your time to practice. You must first control the controls of the crane in order to know how to best measure the direction, strength and power of your attacks. Remember that it is essential to know where your pitches will impact. It also controls well which throw you want to do since your movements are limited. You do not have infinite access to your attacks. Think carefully about where you want to make the impact to bring down the construction.
The ability to access a delivery like Demolish or other prominent Voodoo titles shows the positive impact mobile technology has on what is considered independent or alternative studios. With deliveries like the one we analyze here, you have the possibility of discovering alternative entertainment based on a friendly design and challenging, simple and austere proposals.

Demolish is an excellent proposal to spend hours playing while you travel by bus to work or have to wait somewhere to do an errand. Remember that the app contains advertisements because its download is free, however you can make purchases within the game to remove the ads. Download Demolish and learn about another Voodoo event.

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Get last review 05.12.2020
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- Good graphics

- Original proposal

- You can spend hours and hours playing

- Variety of buildings
- Too many advertisements

- Sometimes buildings are not demolished

- Failures in general game mechanics

- Needs more levels with greater difficulty

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