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 Unleash the creativity of the little ones while they draw 
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The benefits that painting and drawing can have on our body. Painting encourages our creative growth. We have to be clear that there are people who have a tendency to creativity, art and imagination. A natural trend, a trend from birth. All these characteristics are usually related to each other, creative people are also artistic and generally the person who likes to paint will also like to draw, and it is easier for them to also like to write or make up stories. These characteristics are common for creative people, however, there are much more rational people who do not usually present this type of characteristics.

If art and specifically painting and drawing have something positive, it is that the activity of painting is able to stimulate the brain of those people who at first are not so creative so that they can become much more creative and Much more imaginative, this happens equally with any type of artistic discipline. Remember that the brain has what is known as plasticity.

The plasticity of the brain reminds us that we are changing beings and that we can adapt to different situations, in a certain way our brain is modeled as we work on it. Practice and focus, two skills that are characteristic of people who are more rational, will allow that although these more rational people are not too imaginative, little by little, through the activity of drawing and painting, they will become people More creative, some at a slower rate while others at a faster rate which depends on the person.

The second benefit that the activity of painting can bring to our brain which is the strengthening of memory, increases the ability to remember and makes your brain work through spatial orientation, visualization and conceptual implementation.

People who frequently use creative outlets such as writing, painting and drawing are less likely to develop memory loss diseases when they are older, because after all, the brain like any other muscle in our body is strengthened if we work with it. ,

Painting allows people to express their feelings and emotions. People who paint use art to overcome shyness and convey their personality through their creative work. Using illustrations to tell a story allows someone who is shy to let go of their social limitations.

If you download Coloring & Learn, not only children have to color but adults can also do it. It can be established as a hobby, that is, it can be something very fun for us or it can serve as an escape from the stress of daily activities, work, daily life itself, why? because by focusing on the activity we are going to be thinking about other things, thus being able to decompress our daily worries.

It is very good because connections are established between the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere of our brain with which it is very positive at the neural level, it will relax us, it will give us a moment a day for us and also because simply the taste for coloring, a taste for beauty and admiring something nice that we have you can do yourself.

Coloring & Learn also improves personal skills because when we are coloring we develop different capacities such as creativity and very fine motor skills since many of the things that are colored are very small and you have to do them with great care.

We also have as a benefit the rest of the screens, because this is quite logical, many times when we come from work, from the university, from school, from the institute or from anywhere and what we wear is in front of the computer, with the mobile, with the tablet and after all what we are doing is reading more things, thinking about more things which means that deep down we do not rest or relax.

With this Online application you can encourage your artistic side or encourage others to do it!

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Colorea y Aprende

Get last review 03.08.2021
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- Know better the world around them.

- Encourage expression.

- It is very entertaining.

- It can reduce stress and anxiety.
- Few topics.

- Some animals are missing.

- Few sound effects.

- It is not so creative.

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Coloring from the mobile, one of the most popular activities for children


Coloring is not just entertainment, it is an activity that helps children learn to focus on tasks and at the same time let their imagination run free, helping their school development and, in the future, professional development. With applications such as Color and Learn, parents have found the formula to enjoy this fun game as a family

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