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If you are one of those who enjoy the best free games and applications, you have to read what we are going to tell you. Among the large number of complex proposals of all kinds that exist, many times they flourish and become popular deliveries that, at first glance, are very simple. There are times when simplicity defeats great graphics and elaborate productions. With what? Just trying to use our intelligence to solve complex problems that do not seem difficult.

In March 2014 a young Italian developer created one of the most interesting free apps for mobiles and computers. His name is Gabriele Cirulli and he is the one who developed 2048 Original. Not only is it a fun, complex and highly addictive challenge, it is also a free game. The creator decided to support this modality despite the great success that his product became. The source code of the delivery is available and this allowed many other titles to appear with the same style or similar objective developed by the community of users and fans of the game. This shows that many times a large amount of money is not necessary to become a successful product.

As we said, you can download 2048 Original for free on devices that have Android or iOS operating systems. This is the best application available for this game and it is developed by Androbaby. The same firm has other very good products in digital stores such as: 2048, Alphabet Soup, Kids Fun Game and Bubble Poke, among others. All their proposals are simple, entertaining and even relaxing.
How do you play 2048 Original? Well, the proposal is as easy as it is fun. It is a puzzle-type delivery in which its board is reminiscent of Sudoku. The objective is to add numbers inside the boxes until reaching 2048. To obtain this figure, and thus conclude our mission, we will move between numbers that are multiples of 2. That is: 2, 32, 128, 512, 1024 and so on until reach 2048. The numbers are added by merging their boxes that we move by sliding the screen of our mobile or pressing the arrows in its version for computers. If we do not think the movements well (that is, if there are not two numbers that match to merge) we will run out of movement and therefore we lose the game. We must think very well where we want to go to prevent this from happening.

When using 2048 Original, a series of options will open to you to have variants when playing the creation of Cirulli. The application counts different boards such as square or rectangular. In turn, there are a variety of sizes that go from 3x3 to 8x8 in the case of squares and in the case of rectangular ones from 3x5 to 6x9.
For those players who are more competitive and want to measure their progress against the performance of other users, a leaderboard is available as well as a series of achievements to achieve. Even if you hit the 2048 limit, you can keep playing to score more points. Measure yourself with the best and show your abilities to form more and more numbers and thus obtain the highest score.

Among the advantages of playing 2048 Original we can highlight that it is a proposal that not only amuses you but also helps you train your mind, relax and think. All at the same time. At times where many of the games only seek to disconnect us from reality for a while, a delivery like the one developed by Androbaby brings us not only leisure and recreation but also educational development.
It is a very good application to install and share with the family. You can teach your kids math or compete with your partner to see who gets the most points. Based on classics such as Sudoku, 2048 Original takes the path of mind, learning and number games apps. Proposals that many times are not present or are not so popular and it would be good if they are since our brain is proven to need constant stimuli. Working with numbers is one of them and one of the most recommended by medicine.

Download 2048 Original and discover a way to learn and have fun.

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Desarrollador : Androbaby
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