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Knowing the status of your vehicle is very important. It does to the safety of the car but, above all and more important to yours and that of those who travel with you. You should not only control the amount of gasoline available, the air in the tires or the temperature of the engine. Your car has a large number of values, indicators and data that are vitally important to ensure proper, optimal and correct operation. The more you take care of this information, keep track of it and know about it, the longer your vehicle will run smoothly, will not lose value and will be more efficient.

Mobile technology has advanced in such a way that there are a large number of free apps that can help us in our day to day to stay safe in various aspects. The automotive sector is no stranger to this and today we are going to tell you about one of the best apps to keep all the values ​​and performance of your vehicle up to date.
Torque Pro is an application created by Ian Hawkins that is available on Android and iOS. Its main function is to offer all the most outstanding, relevant and important information about your vehicle on the screen of your mobile phone while you are in it. You will be able to have access to everything that the engine is doing in real time, performance, data and whatever you think is necessary to feel safe and know in what state the interior of your car is.

The technology it uses to connect is that of systems known as OBD (On Board Diagnostics). These devices record all the information about what happens in the motors and detect the existence or not of some type of fault. In turn, it can send the information to apps like Torque Pro using Bluetooth technology. It also uses GPS to analyze the route and provide more relevant information for the analysis.
Among the functions of Torque Pro we can find that it is possible to detect the temperature of the transmission, measure the speed of our vehicle, record the screen during our tour, send tweets automatically according to the geographical position where we are, review the catalog of records of error codes of the most important manufacturers in the world, send reports automatically or generate databases and activate the night mode in case you drive at night.

As we can see with the alternatives offered by Torque Pro, we will have at our disposal a wide variety of data to facilitate our journeys and vehicle care. The possibility of recording the screen and then reviewing the sent data offers us the chance to analyze in detail everything that happened during our trip. To yourself when making databases or sending automatic reports we will have the opportunity to compare the operation under different conditions.
Among other advantages of downloading Torque Pro we find the extensive database of error codes from the most important brands. Many times it happens to us that we find numbers, references or images on the board that we do not know and we have to resort to a search in the manuals that can take a long time. With Torque Pro you will no longer have that problem or that setback and you will access up-to-date, quality information guaranteed by first-hand experts.

Being an application which requires certain knowledge to be used, it is important to note that its official website offers complete, useful and complementary information on how to use Torque Pro. There you will find how to install it, which vehicles support it, which are the best OBD2 for use with the program, what is the best way to calibrate the data, the available themes to customize the appearance, which languages ​​can be applied and with which other apps it can be synchronized.

Torque Pro is one of the best apps to install and guarantee the safety, good performance and correct functionality of your vehicle. Take all the information you need in the comfort of your mobile phone. Record every change in your engine gauges. Learn about what your car has to have to perform efficiently. Perform better, safer and faster with Torque Pro.

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Torque Pro

Get last review 05.12.2020
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- Very useful

- Good complementary service on the website

- Help your safety

- Benefits for the performance of your vehicle
- It can be complex for some people

- It is paid

- Some inaccuracies

- Needs improvements in the interface

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