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With the advancement of technology applied to games and applications, many are the dreams that we have been able to fulfill. Not only to have our life very solved in many aspects, but to be able to exploit our hobbies and hobbies in the best possible way. If you are sports fans, you have news at all times, if you want to watch movies or series online, you have streaming platforms, if you like shopping you can access thousands of free apps to find what you are looking for and so on. And what if you're crazy about everything that happens in outer space, in the universe, in the galaxy?

Terminal Eleven brings us one of the best free proposals for all those interested in what happens in the night skies. Download SkyView for free and discover one of the best proposals, one of the most original and authentic on the Android and iOS stores.
The members of Terminal Eleven are a group of specialists whose mission is to bring to common users all the knowledge of what happens in the sky. The team was founded in 2009 and received all kinds of awards for its technological developments. Without going any further, the SkyView app received the award as one of Google's Editor's Picks of 2017.

By using SkyView you will discover all the secrets of space and the night skies. It doesn't matter if you don't have any knowledge of astrology or some kind of science. The application will guide you so that you can be amazed by all that the universe has to discover.
You can find constellations and star formations only with the guide of the creation of Terminal Eleven. Use the camera and the location of your mobile phone and follow the prompts.
Among the advantages of SkyView you will find, first of all, that it is easy to use. The program's interface is simple and intuitive. You will identify planets, celestial bodies, galaxies and stars in just a matter of minutes.

By using the night program you can activate the night mode to protect your eyesight, in addition SkyView has a powerful augmented reality technology to improve the experience.
If there is a stellar event scheduled, you can configure the app to tell you how, when and where to follow it. You can also analyze the state and conditions of the sky using images from the past or predictions for the future. Find out what space looked like a while ago.
Experiences are always better if you share them with other users and friends. SkyView allows you to easily take pictures and share them on social media with other fans like you. Show off with the best photos of the sky and the stars.
If you go camping or go fishing, don't worry about the connection. The Terminal Eleven program works without WIFI and without connection to any data plan.
In the event that you want extended information on the objects you detect, you will find data, graphics and documents of everything you find in your explorations.

Among the variety of configurations that SkyView offers you can adjust how visible the stars are, increase or decrease the view size of the planets, use augmented reality, view or the trajectory of objects in space, add or not music and use the connection to data or not.
If you are a curious user and you want to decide for yourself which space object, celestial body, planet, event or star to look for, you have the search option available to be the one who finds what you want.
Prepare your hiking gear and don't miss anything that happens in space. SkyView is one of the best free apps to have fun, learn and enjoy nature. Terminal Eleven offers a quality product at no cost.

Do not miss any important event that happens in space and find out all the details of what happens in the universe. Learn and develop knowledge about the most beautiful, important and outstanding constellations.
Download SkyView to make your camping nights the most exciting, don't worry about data usage or connections and enjoy a very simple and complete application.

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Category : Apps
Desarrollador : Terminal Eleven
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- Easy to use, interactive

- Works offline

- Detailed and interesting information

- Augmented reality technology
- Problems after updates

- Lack of customer support in some languages

- Problems with the localization function

- It does not work well in all regions
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