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In times where we spend a large part of the day sitting in front of a screen. In an age where we connect through mobile phones, messages and social networks. Days where many children and young people only have fun using consoles and video games, outdoor sport is one of the activities that should be encouraged and supported the most. To make outdoor experiences more productive, safe and fun there are many good applications for athletes.

Among the best free sports apps is Relive. The application was born in 2017 by the hand of a group of young people who sought to share their adventures after walking through Tenerife in Spain. By submitting their videos, images and experiences they were very well received and this sparked interest in creating a platform that would allow all fans of outdoor sports to do the same. To date, they have more than 9 million users who have shared, so far, more than 100 million videos of their incredible experiences.

Using Relive is very easy and is free to download. The app is available in the digital stores of the terminals that use Android and iOS operating systems. It is a platform that works as a social network oriented especially for all those fans of outdoor sports such as cycling, hiking, running or any exercise that is done outdoors. The goal is for people to share their stories and experiences through audiovisual material such as photos or videos, all of this complemented by modern 3D maps.
Once you finish your activity you can convert it into a video and review it on a route in 3D. In this way you will not forget anything that has happened on your journey. Was there a stop for a bite to eat? Did you find a great place to take photos? Want to share the moment you reached the top? Everything is possible thanks to Relive technology and accessible features. In addition, the app has excellent synchronization functions with other programs related to outdoor activities.

All the information you want to connect such as speeds, places, important statistics, location, photos, etc., you can coordinate it between Relive and the program you want. Among the tools you can bundle the app with are Apple Health, MapMyRide, MapMyRun, Endomondo, and many more.
One of the advantages of Relive is that if you have previously carried out activities, you can register them with your user in the app. All the videos you make will be converted and recorded in high definition. You can also edit and modify them in the way you like the most, as many times as you want. Do you want to make an incredible piece with the best music? No problem. You have the chance to add effects like music to your productions.

Although Relive is a free app, you have the alternative of joining the Club option which costs € 6.99 per month. With this subscription you will have access to high definition videos, the possibility to control all your files, import the activities you have done previously, edit when you want, get priority, add long activities and use the interactive route. If you want to try the service for free before signing up, you can do it for 30 days at no charge.
Make all your outdoor adventures unforgettable, record the important data to improve your performance, do not let any detail of your excursion escape you and enhance your experiences. Use the 3D maps and routes and connect with those people who have the same interests as you. Relive is an excellent platform to meet friends and people to share days outdoors and in contact with nature.

By downloading Relive you'll discover new ways to empower all aspects of your favorite sports. It is an application that manages to successfully combine the health benefits of exercise with the possibilities offered by technology in general. Share the best of the routes in 3D and control all the most important data so that your performance is the best.
Don't miss Relive and take your biking, running or hiking adventures to a new dimension with more and better technology.

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Desarrollador : Relive
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- 3D technology

- Possibility of meeting people with the same interests

- Synchronization with other apps

- Free download
- Many functions require paid subscription

- The accuracy of the routes could be improved

- Sometimes it does not take the complete activity

- Problems with the signal
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