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There is an application that has gone viral all over the world, hand in hand with fashion and the growing world of influencers. We are talking about the Peoople social network, which also helps you get extra money. Created in 2016 in Spain, little by little it has managed to make a place for itself among the favorites, its main objective is to be a reference and generator of influence.

Download this app for free and start creating your recommendation lists, you find it available for Android and iOS. Its way of use is very simple, its main objective is to promote the products that certain people recommend, such as friends, families or familiar faces.

Do not think that it is all posturing, on the contrary, they are recommendations. With Peoople you can promote everything that interests you and tell the rest of the members all the qualities that make that article unique and why they should have it too, it is a small guide that will help others to decide on something, from restaurants, movies, books or whatever you want. Anyone can become an influencer for others.

The Peoople application has several levels of influence, the first is the lowest, your level is almost zero for the rest of the community, the Rookie, you will only follow your friends and people who upload content that interests you, but little by Little will you gain weight in the community until you become an Influencer. Once you get it, you can start monetizing your publications and receive money for likes, which in this social network have been replaced by giving thanks, and the interactions you get. To help you in this escalation, you will have the option of linking your Peoople profile with your Instagram account, reaching more audiences.

But if this seems little to you, in the next level you will become a Unicorn, like this mythological being, reaching this status is very difficult, finding one is almost an impossible mission and with the application, your popularity level is such that you will win the Double, doubling your earnings, you will add a small biography and you will be able to associate more social networks to your profile.

At the last level, Star, is reserved for the big stars of the social network. If you want to enter the limbo of the best known faces you will have to work hard to achieve it. At this level you will be known by the entire community, your publications will always be found first when they want to search for something. Don't worry, Peoople helps people quickly become influencers, so if you do it right in no time you can be well known. But if your thing is not to add content, you always have the possibility of climbing positions recommending people. The more people you get into the application, the more options you have to earn money.

To start you will have to invite five friends to the app, create two public collections with recommendation, like 20 different recommendations and have at least 10 followers. For a publication to be profitable, it needs at least a thousand likes from different people and has a minimum of $ 20, which will be entered into your account through the Wallet that Peoople has.

To start using it, you will only have to install it on your mobile phone, create your profile and start using it, with a very intuitive interface, you will see how it is very convenient to publish your recommendations and interact with other users. Everything you find on Peoople can be purchased directly from the app itself, it has its own links to the exact product, which makes the purchase much easier.

To earn money you will have to create your own collections in which you will add everything that you think the rest of the community needs to know and try. Every time someone buys something of what you have put, you get to earn money, that easy.

It is totally customizable, you can filter it by search areas, which will make you centralize your market much more. This application has been very popular in Latin America, but it is available all over the world, where more and more users have it. With Peoople you can become the influencer you have always wanted to be, in a very easy way and without leaving home.

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Get last review 22.06.2021
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- You can write about any product.

- You grow quickly in the application.

- You will find very different opinions.

- It has a search engine that helps a lot to centralize what you want.
- There are collections that are repeated.

- The commission that the user takes can be very low.

- Some requirements can be heavy.

- Always show the same featured users.

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