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The times when we used maps are far behind. Those days when we asked on the street how to get to this or that place. Nor are they times where a clock just marks the time or sounds an alarm. Advances in technology, and especially that dedicated to mobile services, changed routines, scenarios, day to day. Today a smart watch can, in addition to telling us the time, mark the path of how to get to the right place. Today we are going to tell you about one of the best navigation applications available for Android and iOS that you can configure with your smart watch.

If you are a user of a Samsung smartwatch and want to install Google Maps on your watch, we bring you the best app available for this task. The Smartwatch Studios company makes Navigation Pro available to users, a system that will help you bring all the advantages and benefits of Google Maps to the comfort of your Samsung terminal.

Recall that the powerful Korean company offers technological devices of all kinds, among which are smart watches with a large number of functions. In addition to having beautiful and modern designs, these terminals can be synchronized with your mobile phone and perform functions such as calls, add calendar entries, measure your physical performance, display emails, play music, teach videos and much more depending on the model. To be able to combine the tasks of the watch with your mobile you must use specialized apps. In the case of being a Google Maps user, the indicated application to combine the operation is Navigation Pro.

Using Navigation Pro is very simple. Once you download it from the Google Play Store or the Apple store, you have to grant the corresponding permissions to your mobile and the program so that they have access to both the watch and the phone.
Upon achieving the synchronization of the terminals, the information generated by Google Maps on your mobile phone will be reflected on the smart watch. It does not matter if the configuration of your tour is by car, walking or public transport. The program will send each alert in a timely manner so that you can get to the right place when necessary. You will also have at your disposal many options to customize the operation such as determining if you want vibration when receiving notifications, these can be short, medium or long.

The great advantage of setting up Navigation Pro is that it will help you a lot during the journey. No matter where you are, or how you are traveling, whether by car, motorcycle, on foot or by public transport, the app will help you comfort and safety. You will not have to take out your mobile phone to see the screen and you will not suffer distractions that can take your attention.
Among other options offered by the Smartwatch Studios application, you will find that you can choose to start automatically when you start a navigation to a site and you can also give it your personal touch with a wide variety of letters, colors, themes and motifs. It is also possible to add or remove the presence of the clock, program a power saving or check for bugs if the software has errors.

Remember that Google Maps is one of the most powerful free apps from Google. Use the location system and GPS to provide the most detailed information on businesses, locations, stores, shopping centers, museums and practically all the information that is available in your city and surroundings. The program will provide you with opening and closing times, telephone numbers and the best routes available according to the status of your journey at the time you have to carry it out. You can even set up tours based on different departure and arrival times.
Navigation Pro is one of the best applications that you can install to synchronize between your mobile phone and your smart watch. The program will enhance, improve and streamline the benefits provided by both terminals. Make all the settings you think necessary to feel as comfortable as possible and thus be able to reach your destination as quickly and safely.

Take advantage of Google Maps and Navigation Pro and enjoy one of the best advances in mobile technology such as apps that work with GPS and real-time location.

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Navigation Pro

Get last review 05.12.2020
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- Good operation

- Use Google Maps

- Comfortable to travel

- Variety of designs
- It is paid

- It may take time to connect

- Sometimes it is slow

- The map is not visible

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