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It cannot be denied that technology has given rise and collaborated with the creative capacity of users. All those who have knowledge of programming, development and creation of games or apps have found in the different advances in the sector, software and hardware with which to exploit their capabilities. Whether it is the design of a video game, the editing of a video or the improvement of a photograph, today everything is possible, and in a very accessible, easy and simple way.
If you have explored your mobile phone you know that you have some small programs to configure that are called widgets. With them you have direct access to a variety of functions that provide you with relevant information, data or content. Widgets are included with your device or if you download an app that includes one. But also, there is the possibility of creating free widgets with a powerful app that we are going to tell you about in this review.

KWGT Kustom offers its application oriented to the creation of these programs called KWGT Kustom Widget Maker. It is a free app that can be downloaded in the virtual stores of devices that have Android and iOS operating systems. It has the free version and the PRO alternative, the paid option removes the advertisements, adds some functions and helps its creators to continue with the improvements of their products. Kustom Industries not only offers the widget creator but also a whole series of applications that allow us to improve the appearance and operation of our terminal. Among them are: KLWP Live Wallpaper, KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Maker, and Kustom Weather Plugin.
If you are a creative person, one of those users who always find ways to improve the performance of programs and devices or someone full of ideas and love for programming, you should download KWGT Kustom.

The app will give you the chance to create, program and install a widget designed exclusively for you. You can even make elaborations made by other users. There is a wide variety with very well designed and quality productions.
Among the widgets possibilities that you can create with KWGT Kustom, you can program a digital or analog clock, configure a small map, measure the performance of your battery, view images randomly from a folder you want, check the time in different regions of the world. world, install music players, calendars, direct access to email and practically any idea that comes to mind that can be productive for the proper functioning and optimal performance of your mobile. Let your imagination, creativity and ideas fly to program the best widgets.

When you start using KWGT Kustom you will have basic aspects at your disposal to use as a base, in turn you will get access to a wide variety of text formats, colors, effects and sizes. The same happens with the variants of shapes that you can give to your widget. These can be triangular, round, square, or hexagonal. If you want to add effects in three dimensions, you also have them available.
Use all the colors you want, different shades, shadows and effects. Take advantage of the layered programs function with transition effects between one and the other. Add click actions and notifications to taskbars. If you want to add images, you can also do it. KWGT Kustom Widget Maker supports the most popular and used image formats like PNG, JPG, WEBp Image and SVG.

You will be able to apply the configuration that you like the most to your creation, whether it is a program that changes depending on how it is used, depending on the weather, geographical position or the time of day. It also uses the functions of the most popular programming languages ​​such as conditionals, global variables and functions.
Meet one of the best free apps to let your imagination, creativity and programming possibilities fly. Apply your knowledge or discover your talent to make programs that help the proper functioning of mobile devices. Widgets are one of the best options to take full advantage of the possibilities of your device and with KWGT Kustom you can take full advantage of it. Know the weather, plan on your calendar, play music, get news, let your imagination run wild to find which program can be the most useful and effective.

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KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

Get last review 05.12.2020
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- Free download

- Wide variety of functions

- Good technical support and customer service

- Good operation
- It can be complex to understand at first

- It is not for every user

- A bit old interface

- Some operating problems

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