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The mobile phone has become our favorite accessory, without it we cannot conceive our day-to-day life and that we always carry with us. It is the most used object in the world, getting us to carry our whole lives with us: with it we can call our friends and families at any time, we have our photos and videos at hand, we save our passwords, work emails, social networks and a long etcetera of apps that we use daily.

The hours we spend in front of a phone screen are increasing and that can lead to certain health problems, such as eyestrain or headaches, among others. And not only physical, it also carries others such as lack of attention, it can absorb us too much and not realize the world around us. To help you not depend so much on this device there is an application that serves as a guide not to use it so much, and although it seems contradictory, it is very effective, we are talking about Forest.

Its operation is very simple, all you have to do is plant a seed virtually. This plant will grow as you do not touch the mobile, in this way if you leave it little by little it will become a beautiful tree. Download Forest for free, you can find it in the main application stores, Google Play Store and App Store, and it is compatible with Android and iOS devices.

Every time you are tempted to pick up your phone and exit the app, your tree will wither during this period of time. However, if you do it well, your forest will grow day by day, so you will see graphically the reward of your efforts to stop consulting your mobile so much.

In this way you will not only be playing, you will also create a routine that will help you in your goal of not consulting a screen so much, this is the most difficult and at the same time what will give you the most satisfaction. The feeling of success is accompanied by the feeling of responsibility and at the same time you will notice that it no longer costs you so much, and that you have made better use of your time, being yourself the one who voluntarily does not pick up the phone.

Forest is completely free, you will find a reward scheme that will help you with your goal. Each time you manage to overcome one of its challenges, you will earn rewards for your forest, unlocking new tree species. This app actively participates with the Trees for the Future association, which allows you to plant trees in a real way through the application itself.

They have already managed to plant more than 350 thousand real trees, which has led to it being awarded as the best app on the Google Play Store for two years in a row, being one of the most downloaded in 9 countries around the world.

It can become our best ally on the days when you need to be very focused and not be aware of your phone, paying full attention to the tasks we need to perform. You choose the time to plant it yourself, it has a range that goes from 30 minutes, in which you will get a tree, to 2 hours, with which you will have 4 trees at the same time, which is the maximum. To begin with, it is better to set small goals and to increase our own personal challenge, in this way it will not be so suddenly and you will be able to adapt your anxiety better.

One trick you can follow is to set goals and plant a tree with each one that you manage to overcome. The way to use it is: open the application, lock the device and do not touch it anymore, it's that easy. You can configure your own list of allowed distractions, such as the entry of important notifications, calls or alerts, these will not interrupt the growth and also create a list of those apps that are totally restricted.

It is a good motivation technique, not only individual, it also gives you the option of adding colleagues or friends so that they can visit the forests and see the statistics of each one and compare the progress they are making. Download Forest, grow your forest and achieve your goals, motivation is always good, that is why you can leave positive messages that will remind you why you are planting these trees.

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- Helps you motivate yourself.

- You can get to plant a real tree.

- Helps to create routines.

- The objectives are set by each of the users.
- It can create anxiety at first.

- It has payments included within the application.

- Many of your trees have to be paid for.

- The virtual coins that you earn are useless.
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