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Douban is another successful Chinese product for the needs of people in a modern world. A platform to share interests about books, music albums, movies, art and more, you will find comments, ratings and discussions on a topic. It is the sum of other apps such as Goodreads, IMDb, Facebook, Pandora, Spotify and others like that.

Created in 2005, in it you can write and read articles related to authors and their books, movies, music or any title. With a wide variety of Chinese and foreign authors, everything is translated into Chinese. The site has been quite well received since its launch, and has even been identified as one of the most influential at the time. The creator of the site is Yang Bo, who planned to simply make a guide to the site upon returning from the United States.

Douban has more than 60 million registered users and 150 million visitors, it is a type of social network in which its members register their experiences with the products so that the rest get an idea about the topics that interest them.

It is characterized by the fact that it attracts many intellectuals who are active in the network and also famous authors and authorities have their records there, so another is another of its advantages, it is the creator himself who is describing his own element. If you do not want to actively participate in this network, it is free and, for its registered users, the site provides selected information by directing them according to their preferences about any new books, artists or upcoming box office films that they need to see.

If you don't want to register yet, you will be able to read comments and see ratings, but you will not be able to post. It also has its own radio, Douban FM, in which you can listen to great music, it is completely free and you can make your own score. And for less commercial styles like "indie", Douban supports the activities of local bands such as providing them with a music stream, helping with ticket sales, and more. In this way, it promotes their social status and the organic development of topics on the web. It can be said that it is a community information site based on the organic content that its own users create.


That is why this site is often used as a forum, because the topics on the site are related to specific topics and people express their opinions, creating a debate. Over time, the topics develop to include people with opinions on the topics: your favorite movie and your hobby. Statistics show that people from the urban population and well-educated people, who live in cities and lead a lifestyle typical of the middle class, predominate.

It has different tools such as: Douban Stuff is a good section to discuss the purchase and the products offered, they are made mainly for clothing, footwear, furniture and the like. Users can add links to the stores and fill in everything they find. Douban Market is a great opportunity to make a unique decision if you are looking for an opinion or want to buy something from the site. Stores and brands use it to create their own online stores. Various companies and manufacturers can directly sell their products there, but these have to be personally approved by the products offered by the platform. Douban City Events, a well-organized information section for upcoming events, such as concerts, exhibitions and various initiatives. They also have campaigns in which members can participate in promotional events in real time, which encourage participation and interaction among the community.

The advertising you will see in the application will be based on your interests, based on a more specific target audience. For this reason, it uses more integrated marketing options in the platform.

There are many more prerequisites to download this app so that you can keep up with the various campaigns related to your interests, you can download it for free on the Google Play Store and App Store.

With a very clear interface, in Douban you find everything you are looking for in a simple way, browsing its categorization and being able to save all those links that interest you in your list of favorites, this you can do in all its sections.

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Get last review 22.06.2021
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- To know a new event.

- If you want to buy tickets.

- You can comment or read about a new book or movie.

- Buy products online
- The site is in Chinese.

- It is mainly useful in China.

- There are several cases of speculation with movie rating.

- Sometimes the ratings are very subjective.

Latest NEWS

The Eight Hundred movie divides the Douban community

The Eight Hundred movie divides the Douban community


Viewers are divided in the Douban application regarding the movie The Eight Hundred, this war drama represents the resistance of a battalion of the National Revolutionary Army against Japanese troops in the Battle of Shanghai. The controversy has arisen by several users who say that despite being a real chronicle, it lacks historical precision

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