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If you are a nature lover, if you enjoy taking long walks on outdoor trails, going for a run or riding a bike, read the lines that we will bring you below. Today we are going to talk about one of the best free hiking apps available for mobile phones.
Today technology has developed in such an advanced way that all our social connections and activities are traversed by some type of application or program. The fact that there are digital tools that help improve experiences that do good to health is a very good thing and we must take advantage of it. That's why we want to tell you all about AllTrails.

Downloading AllTrails will help you organize and improve all your outdoor activities. Do not miss any detail of the best hiking trails that are near you. It is a free app available for Android and iOS.
Using AllTrails will lead you to a database containing over 100,000 routes and itineraries available around the world. You will be presented with opportunities to go for a walk, go on excursions, cycle routes or running circuits through the most diverse regions. Includes roads and paths in the mountains.

The application contains maps prepared by GPS, among which you can filter according to your needs, desire and level as an athlete which route you are looking for. You want something challenging in the mountains, a quiet path close to home, something rather long to do kilometers or simply enjoy the scenery, whatever you can find it in AllTrails. The platform has the largest catalog of information on outdoor activities on the market.
Once you finish your activity, don't miss the opportunity to share it with your family and friends. You can synchronize what you post with your favorite social networks as well as review each of the most important statistics and records of your excursion. This will allow you to control how effective you were and, if you are interested, improve it for the next outing. When you like a path a lot, keep it registered in the favorites list.
When starting the adventure, one of the advantages of AllTrails is that you can receive and put together the entire plan step by step, based on GPS data, about the activity to be carried out. This will allow you to leave safe, protected and not have to face any type of unforeseen event.
Although AllTrails can be installed for free, if you are someone who will use it a lot, we recommend that you subscribe to AllTrails Pro payment services. They have several forms of payment, including the monthly option of € 2.50 per month, € 29.99 per year or an interesting 3-year subscription package at € 1.67 per month or € 59.99 per year.

By making the payment service you will be able to access the possibility of downloading the maps to view them offline. This is very important since many times one enters roads that do not have coverage and it is dangerous not to know where to go. In addition, your security is covered with the "Lifeline" service. "Lifeline" is a real-time option that keeps those you designate as authorized contacts informed about your route, last position and all your last movements. The assigned people will receive notifications about your activity.

AllTrails also contains information on how the weather will be on your route. If you choose the payment option, you have access to data in real time and of different types such as heat maps, pollen levels in the air, pollution density or the air quality in the areas to which you are going to go.
Without a doubt, for those who are interested in nature, outdoor activities and sports, AllTrails is an excellent option. In addition, those who subscribe will be contributing with organizations that help take care of the environment since the company donates 1% of its profits for these purposes.
Stay safe, discover new trails, predict the weather, share with friends, measure your performance and progress, and above all, enjoy nature with this great app. AllTrails is an excellent alternative to combine advances in technology with outdoor activities connected to nature.

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Get last review 22.06.2021
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- Larger catalog of routes available online

- Weather information

- Notification service to designated contacts

- Updated information with GPS
- The best features are paid

- Some problems syncing

- Problems making payments

- Not available in all languages

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