Airbnb collaborates with digital accessibility

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The vacation rental app expands its offer and offers new experiences. Airbnb offers accessible alternatives for people with disabilities

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Many people enjoy the virtual environment. Websites make our lives easier in almost every way. You can make purchases, connect with family or friends, study university degrees, book tourism services or watch series and movies. From the beginning the internet seeks to be accessible and easy to use for everyone. To achieve this, many Internet pages must consider configuring their pages so that the calculated number of people with disabilities in the world can have the same experience as most users.
The news about Airbnb and its active participation in the Global Accessibility Awareness Day is very important in a context in which it is considered that a large part of Internet pages do not respond correctly in terms of facilitating the experience for those who need assistance.

Experiences for everyone

Airbnb decided to contribute content that is digitally accessible to all users. The most important company of services and connections between individuals reported it on its official site. Added more than 20 experiences designed by hosts who took inclusion into account when generating their content.
Remember that Airbnb experiences are activities of all kinds that users can hire. Some of the alternatives that were added on the occasion of the Global Accessibility Awareness Day were:

  • Exercise with a Paralympic athlete (Salida, Colorado, USA)

  • Wheelchair exercise with a professional trainer (Poole, UK)

  • 'Mindful' Meditation with Horses (Freetown, Canada)

  • Cooking class with a deaf teacher (Cotswolds, UK)

  • Training session for all abilities (Kitchener, Canada)

  • Fitness, fun and sign language (Caterham, UK)

  • Sunrise movement with a Paralympic athlete (Sydney, Australia)

  • Adapted dance class (Northampton, UK)

  • Sign language, poetry and storytelling (New York, USA)

  • Shark photography with survivor of an attack (Kilauea, Hawaii, USA)

Experiences can be booked individually or for private groups. In addition, the American writer, motivational coach, sports analyst and former sportsman Eric LeGrand offered exclusive sessions on oratory methods and techniques. The money raised went to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation. Peter Wilderotter, president and CEO of the group expressed himself on the official Aribnb site:

One of the goals of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation is to contribute to a more accessible world. The online experiences on Airbnb represent an innovative advance, since they offer members of this group, including those with paralysis, the possibility of experiencing adventures and enjoying activities to which they did not have access in the past. We applaud this Airbnb initiative and proudly join the cause.

On the other hand, the businesswoman, artist and television presenter Sophie Morgan, gave classes in drawing animals and the benefits went to the non-profit organization that helps people with disabilities, Leonard Cheshire.

A very important topic

The latest news about Airbnb and its concern about digital accessibility bring to the fore one of the most relevant topics in the world of the web. There are people who need different settings than most of the pages to be able to navigate them and a large number of sites do not have them.
On the official website of the Global Accessibility Awareness Day they reveal what are the reasons why web pages tend to fail. The factors are problems with the contrasts of the texts, lack of alternative texts (those that allow them to be read by specialized tools), empty links and buttons, missing labels for entries in the forms and language alternatives in the contents.
The page seeks the collaboration of entities and users beyond actions for the specific day of the problem.

The latest news on Airbnb experiences geared towards content that is virtually accessible to users with different abilities is a great action that collaborates with a topic that should be present in each of the big technology firms. The Internet is part of everyone's life, even those minorities that need extra help to navigate.

Airbnb collaborates with digital accessibility

Airbnb collaborates with digital accessibility

The vacation rental app expands its offer and offers new experiences. Airbnb offers accessible alternatives for people with disabilities
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